Seeking honesty, integrity and transparency

The Liberals are campaigning on the assertion that the NDP are bad money managers based on issues dating back to the 1990s


Dear Editor,


I would like to congratulate both Nola Alt and Adolph Hungry Wolf for their recent letters in our local newspapers in respect to nature preservation and the Liberal government’s track record. I would like to add my thoughts to this debate.

I have been sickened by the lack of honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability of the present provincial government. Some examples: the BC Rail scandal and cover-up, and the inability of the privacy commissioner to track major decisions made in the premier’s office because memos and records have not been properly documented. Taxpayers’ money has been used inappropriately for BC Liberal ads, to target ethnic groups for election support, and legal costs for the bureaucrats who took the fall for the BC Rail fiasco. The fact that some of our cabinet ministers and one of our local candidates were seeking support and fundraising in Calgary in January raises huge flags for me.


That is only a partial list of my concerns. The ugly attack ads on TV disgust me. The Liberals are campaigning on the assertion that the NDP are bad money managers based on issues dating back to the 1990s. Rafe Mair, former Socred

cabinet minister, in an April 1st story on The Tyee,

maintains that the current B.C. government “has tripled the provincial debt since taking office”. Now it is attempting to “balance the budget” by selling off public assets. I believe that BC Hydro, our once-healthy public power company, has been seriously

fragmented. It has been forced by government mandate to purchase expensive power from run-of-river private producers and expensive wireless smart meters.



Change is not going to be easy and it certainly cannot happen overnight. As farsighted citizens of this province, we need to take back our power to direct our elected representatives and to create something worthwhile for our children and grandchildren. It is time for a change in government. It is time for us all to speak up and make our elected representatives accountable to us. No more lying and making backroom deals. No more shortsighted decision-making. No more

media spin. Honesty,

integrity, transparency and

accountability only please.



Lynn Askey


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