Shocked about Whitetail Lake

last week’s article leaves me pretty confused. “Whitetail Lake Investors reapplying for rezoning”? It’s NOT approved?

Dear Editor:


Dear Editor, I’m writing in regards to last week’s article on the  front page of The Valley Echo regarding the development at Whitetail Lake. I spent some time flying at Whitetail Lake last summer and I must say my bird’s eye view of the development along with last week’s article leaves me pretty confused.  “Whitetail Lake Investors reapplying for rezoning”? It’s NOT approved?

From the air overlooking the once-pristine mountain lake, it seemed pretty obvious that this development was well underway. I counted 20+ docks on the shore, the roads to individual lots are in. Wells were being drilled, large equipment was pushing gravel into once-marsh land and bird and fish habitat. I was shocked to read that they are “reapplying” if it’s not approved and in fact has been turned down by RDEK. How do they have permits to do a huge upgrade to the road and put in all the infrastructure to the land? Over the 20+ kilometre drive in from the highway, major upgrades to the road were being done, which looks like millions of dollars are being spent. It wasn’t until I did some more research that I later learned that the road had been turned over to Ministry of Transportation and the maintenance of the road would fall on the local taxpayers. Why would this group spend this kind of money on an unapproved development?

I would like to get some answers to these questions.


Max Fanderl