The C words

Darryl Crane's editorial for the week of March 30.

Take a deep breath Canada the time has come yet again to go to the polls and voice your choice for who should lead our country into the future.

It seems as if the lines were drawn in the sand and the decision was made to engage all of us.

Between now and May 2 there seems to be two words that will make our ears ring…Contempt and coalition.

The Harper government was brought down in a way that has never happened before and now members of the NDP, Liberals and Bloc are preaching about how corrupt the Conservatives and Mr. Harper have been.

In response the Conservatives are beating the drum of how unstable things will be if they only receive a minority again because the other parties are going to gang up on them and force a takeover on Parliament Hill.

The pressure is almost too much to take. The last time there was a federal election I was sitting at a university in Toronto when those campaigning came to call. I sat through a meeting where we heard plans about all of the glorious things each candidate would do for us as students. I asked the question what would different members do about the issue of student debt? After more than 20 minutes of answers from different candidates I was asked it they had given an acceptable answer in my eyes to my question. I said no. They had gone on and spoke about how wonderful they were going to treat us while never actually telling us what the plan was going to be.

Being engaged is what elected or hopeful elect politicians want out of the people but to get there the time has come to truly earn a trust which may have been lost.

I know how the government fell and there is always a chance in a minority government that a coalition could take over in Ottawa. The attack ads are going in full force and this will not stop. However after this election is over perhaps the time has come for the representatives to head back to work and strive to do their best for all Canadians no matter how they vote.

Darryl Crane