The Rotary Report: Rotary has been a big community contributor

Valentine’s Day! Christmas! Mother’s Day! Father’s Day! Family Day! Loved ones and the sharing of love are also what Rotary is about

It’s the second week of February with that special day coming up. Have you thought about Valentine’s Day and those loved ones in your life? Don’t get caught empty-handed or you’ll share the doghouse!

Valentine’s Day! Christmas! Mother’s Day! Father’s Day! Family Day! Loved ones and the sharing of love! The things we do or give in this regard are also what Rotary is about, although perhaps not quite as close to one’s heart.

Nonetheless, the previously mentioned holidays and Rotary both speak to giving.

Remember Service Above Self? I’ve written about truthfulness, fairness, and goodwill. The last  of Rotary’s tests involves whether our efforts have a beneficial side.

Are the things we do a benefit to those people receiving our efforts?

Any time Rotary undertakes a project, whether it is to supply water, medicine, funds, or just support local projects, the Four-Way test questions must be positively answered.

It is not only our hope, but also how we behave toward our fellow men and women that serves to  guide our activities. Service Above Self!

There is much more to Rotary than what I’ve written, but hopefully you will start to get the idea that Rotary exists to make our community a better place to live. Whether that is local, regional or world-wide, community can be far-reaching.

The Rotary Club of Invermere has a community history of less than 40 years. During that time, there have been many  projects we have undertaken and supported, both as members of the community and as Rotarians.

With your indulgence, over the next few months, I will refresh your memories with a series of articles about the various projects we have been involved with, both locally and internationally.  Some of these projects are still ongoing, while many are now history.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy getting to know Rotary better — and perhaps you may even consider becoming a Rotarian!

This week’s column was written by Rotary Club of Invermere member John  Tames.  Learn more about the club by visiting