Greenhouse educator Ally Candy

Greenhouse educator Ally Candy

Food-smart cyclists share insights with students

Seed by Seed food activists Mischa Hamara and Danielle Prapavessis made a stop at DTSS to spread their message

Between their bicycle trek from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, Seed by Seed food activists Mischa Hamara and Danielle Prapavessis made a stop at David Thompson Secondary School to spread their message.

Speaking through a round-table discussion with Andrea Salzbrenner’s chef training students at the Groundswell Community Greenhouse on Tuesday, May 26th, the continent-crossing couple explained the positive and negative byproducts that come from food production. By “deliberately eating,” any consumer can support social, economic and environmental causes and be healthy, by their choices in the grocery store and supporting local food producers,

“It’s so great to see what we’re talking about [in regards to food security] is actually happening here at the Groundswell,” Mr. Hamara said.

Their message of awareness extended from daily food choices to what the students choose as a profession.

“Food is medicine so whether you decide to be a farmer or doctor, you can still be instrumental in creating a healthy community,” said Groundswell educator AllyCandy.

And the two are walking the walk. In spreading their messages of healthy living and sustainability, they’ve packed light to pedal thousands of kilometres across the country.  They are speaking along the way at elementary and high schools and find the greenhouse and permaculture garden entirely unique.  They were especially impressed by the farm to fork program between the Community Greenhouse and DTSS school’s fresh menu.

“This is a huge change from when everything sold in the cafeteria came off a truck or a freighter shipped from hundreds of kilometres away,” Mischa said.

The pair travelled Golden-bound from Invermere, as they continue their speaking and cycling tour across Canada. Over a three month span, they’ll cycle from Victoria, B.C. to St. Johns, Newfoundland. Take a look at their tour and philosophies on their website –

The students found Mischa and Dani engaging and were proud to show how much they know about the topic through their direct experiences with growing, cooking and eating food.