Jason Stevens with the Investors Group presents a cheque for $250 to Lake Windermere and DIstrict Lions' Club past president Al Larratt on August 24 as part of James Easthams' hole in one prize. For the full story

Ace shot underage

A brief moment of exhilaration turned into disappointment.

A brief moment of exhilaration turned into disappointment when James Eastham of the United Kingdom scored a hole-in-one at the recent Lions’ Club Tournament at Copper Point Golf Club on July 17, only to learn that since he was only 18, he wasn’t eligible for the grand prize of $5,000.

“It was great for a moment with all the celebration, but once we found out he was 18 I felt horrible,” said Jason Stevens of the Investor’s Group, who put up the prize money.

In the end, everything worked out for all the parties involved, as the Investor’s Group and Copper Point both gave Eastham a variety of consolation prizes and, on Eastham’s request, the Investor’s Group also made a donation to the Lake Windermere and District Lions’ Club in the amount of $250.

“At least some good came out of it and we were able to get some extra cash to the Lions’ Club,” Stevens said. “It would’ve been nice to give him a cheque for $5,000, but he’s coming back next year and hopefully he can repeat.”

The Investor’s Group regularly sponsors holes at many local tournaments, including the Verge for Youth tournament and the recent Kelly Hrudey and Friends Golf Charity Classic.

“It’s just a great way to get out and meet some people and add some excitement to some local tournaments,” Stevens said.

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