Bighorns provincial chances uncertain

A confusing set of events at Bighorns Field November 6 meant that the Bighorns playoff game never came to fruition.

A confusing set of events at Bighorns Field Sunday, November 6 meant that the proposed playoff game between the Columbia Valley Bighorns (6-2) and the Penticton Rams (2-6) never came to fruition.

The usual set of referees for Bighorns games were in attendance, however, according to Bighorns coach Bruce Marlow, the Rams refused to play without certified referees, which unfortunately the normal referees were not. Marlow’s quote on the matter follows in full:

“We have a local referee crew which is basketball referees. I have been very fortunate to have these guys ref all season long,” Marlow said.

“They were all at the game when it started. Penticton decided that if we did not have certified football referees, they did not want to play. League referees were requested once we knew we would be hosting our first playoff game in Invermere. We were unable to get the refs from the Okanagan so we had to go with our referees. I will have more clarity when I can talk to someone on Monday.”