Echo hockey pool returns again

The annual Valley Echo hockey pool is starting again.

The annual Valley Echo hockey pool is starting again today.

Last year’s version of the long-running contest drew more than 100 participants and this year promises to be just as good, if not better.

Every entrant in the contest gets to pick one player from each of about 20 groups of players — the more points your players score collectively, the higher you score in the pool.

Entry is free and the top entrants earn some decent prizes. The grand prize has typically been a one night stay at Copper Point Resort and a $100 gift certificate to Elements Grill, and potentially may include some golf passes.

“It’s great fun for the average hockey fan. It engages them in the sport throughout the season,” said Valley Echo/Pioneer sales representative Dean Midyette.

Entry forms are in this week’s (see page 16) and next week’s issues of The Valley Echo, and need to be filled out and dropped off at the newspaper’s office no later than Tuesday, October 7th.

“There’s nothing to lose by doing it since it’s free,” said Valley Echo/Pioneer customer service representative Renice Oaks. “It’s also fun to hash and bash with your friends over who is doing well in the pool.”

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