Getting ready to whip it with new roller derby team

A new women's roller derby team is coming to Invermere. Read on to find out how, where, when and WHY to sign up for this unique experience.

For women 19 and older who want to add a new sport to their lives, a roller derby team is trying to set up in Invermere.

Roller derby has had a long history in the United States.

The sport has crossed over into Canada with leagues started in provinces from British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Different associations throughout Canada have taken on the promotion of the sport.

The person behind the local team is Chris Corey.

He has a history with the sport and has formerly coached in Buffalo, New York when his sister was a member of a team.

The team based in Invermere would become part of the East Kootenay Roller Derby League, with teams in Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden and other town and cities in B.C.

Corey sees this as a chance to bring a great team sport to the area.

“In roller derby they have an alter ego. It gives the players a chance to create a bond with the team. It is an aggressive sport and is great to see the girls perform at that level,” Corey said.

He went on to explain that it is not just a fun, fast sport but also something that people from all different areas of life can get into.

“This is for any age group, whether you know how to skate or not. It is a unique thing. It brings women together on a social level. There is a team sport atmosphere. I have  trained doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, moms and all other areas of occupation and ability. They all come together,” he said.

Corey said the team will be practicing at the curling centre in Invermere while the ice is off, and is hopeful to have the team ready for games by September.

The rules of roller derby are fairly  simple. Play commences with five girls on the track per team.

There is a skater called a jammer who is the person that can score points for their team by passing opposing players.

The opposing players try to stop the other team’s jammer from passing them which leads to a lot of the physicality in the sport.

Corey and other interesterd parties will be holding a meeting at the Rocky River Grill on April 10 at 7 p.m. This will give anyone interested in the sport the chance to come by and ask questions about what will be happening with the team.