Golf News: Fairmont Mountainside Men’s Club

Golf News for the week of June 22.

Congratulations to the team of Dale MacDonald, Jim Villeneuve, Scott Powell and Sandy Trigg, who won our competition of “Aixes” on a warm and sunny May 18.

The  indefatiguable John Denhamer captured two closest to the pin awards while Cal MacPherson and Sandy each received one. There were no deuces won this day.

Howard Stafford went on to win our monthly cup award on a chilly May 25 with a net score of 63. None other than Mr. Denhamer came in tied for second (with Bill DesBrisay) and, to top matters off, also landed a KP.

Sandy, Howard and Fred Maye also took KP awards while Cal, Fed and Wayne Geiger rolled in deuces.

Playing to a 1-2-3 waltz format on June 1, the team of John Shaw, Steve Wilder, Brent Daughtery and Cal was victorious. No less than nine deuces were directed into unusually yawning cups.

Elements of skill and focus undoubtedly played the leading role. In any event, congrats to Ken Innes, Tom Gerald, Ed Taillieu, Stew Slack, Steve Seheault, Steve Wilder, Cal, Wayne and Dale. Ken, Tom, Dale and Ed also captured KP awards.

Our first inter-club challenge match with Riverside was held on June 8. The team of Steve Seheault, Martin Hacker, Dave Lopinskie and Cal won the four-men team, two best net competition held at the same time. John Selzler, Steve, Wayne and Bill DesBrisay landed KPs while John, Steve, and Cal rolled in deuces.

Obviously, Steve Seheault and Cal MacPherson are fast becoming club sharpshooters and incidentally, Mountainside did get by Riverside but as yet, not by a commanding lead.

Submitted by Barry Jonas