Volunteers sought for race season

Race season is coming to Panorama Mountain Village, and the call for volunteers is out.

Race season is coming to Panorama Mountain Village, and the call for volunteers is out.

“We have a ton of different races this year, starting with the Nor AM coming up just after our official opening,” says Jamie Hurschler, mountain marketing co-ordinator.

“With a race that early in the season, people are thinking about skiing but they maybe haven’t been up to the hill yet, so it’s important to reach out to those people that haven’t really got the skiing mindset yet but could be interested in volunteering.”

The Nor AM Cup, which runs December 11 to 16, is the first of four race events hosted at Panorama this ski season.

Race training and mountain events manager Bruce Hamstead says it will require about 80 volunteers to pull off.

“Volunteers run the races,” Hamstead says.

“They do everything from the administration side of it to the timing, actual course preparation, safety installations, start and finish officials and gate judges. Volunteers are absolutely crucial to getting these events off.”

In return, volunteers receive $25 credits towards 2012-13 season passes for each day of work, or a day ticket for this season for every three days of volunteering. Panorama’s volunteer program also offers breakfasts and lunches and after-ski events.

“Our volunteer program is probably one of the best in the province for providing volunteers with some perks and benefits,” says Hurschler.

Other races this year include the BC Miele Cup from December 19 to 22, the ICP World Cup Finals from March 11 to 16 and the BC Cup Spring Series April 1 to 6.

To volunteer for any of the races, contact Nancy Brush at nancy.brush@panoramaresort.com or 250-341-4131, or sign up online at canski.org or alpinecanada.org.