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ROCKIE TALK: Rockies team is starting to gel and show its steel

The Columbia Valley Rockies are putting in a gruelling month.

ROCKIE TALK: A winning team despite the score

The Columbia Valley Rockies are seven weeks into their regular season and it’s been a slow start for the team.

Rockie Talk: Busy month for the Rockies

It’s a busy month for the Columbia Valley Rockies, as there are three more home games yet to be played in November.

Rockies Talk

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The boys are back in town (for five straight home games)

Marilyn Berry gives her take on the progress of the Columbia Valley Rockies throughout the 2013/14 season

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Let’s talk Rockies hockey

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Google Maps image showing proximity of the Asian clam to Lake Windermere

New lake invader found just south of the border

Asian clams — an invasive species — have made their way up to northern Idaho. Will Lake Windermere be next?

Google Maps image showing proximity of the Asian clam to Lake Windermere

Lights out for international Earth Hour

On Saturday March 23 at 8:30 p.m. (whatever time zone you are in), you are asked to participate by turning off the lights for one hour.

Ramble On: Knocking out polio

I have just spent a most inspirational weekend in Seattle at a Rotary International training session for incoming club presidents.

Ramble On: Bringing up hockey billets

I know I have written about some of the aspects of billeting before but some things bear a little repetition.

Ramble On: New year’s musings and memories

January 2013... there are those who said the world would never make it to this date.

Ramble On: Peek at pensions

Somebody asked me a while back about some upcoming changes to Canadian pension they had heard about.

Ramble On: Grandmotherly feelings for the first time

Wow! My daughter-in-law gave birth to a daughter last week.

Ramble On: Hockey scheduling 101

Ever wonder how some schedules are made? It can be crazy making a hockey schedule, but fun too.

Ramble On: Pledge a penny to polio

October 24 each year is designated as World Polio Day.

Ramble On: Accepting schizophrenia

I have a friend who doesn’t live in this region ask me if I could write something about the plight of some folks in our society.

Ramble On: Creating a winter destination

It's fall... there is no denying it. The leaves are turning and frost will soon be on its way.

September 19 2012.

Relax at the Windermere Valley Golf Course

The Windermere Valley Golf Course offers a ‘player friendly, walkable and affordable’ golf experience.

September 19 2012.

Ramble On: Another amazing weekend in the valley

This community has just gone through another weekend when everybody seems to be involved in 'some' thing.