Rockies recap

Marilyn Berry's semi-weekly update about the Columbia Valley Rockies

Well, the season is well underway… and the Columbia Valley Rockies have played some very tight and tough games. They’ve pretty much done it all so far, they’ve won a couple, lost one, lost a double overtime thriller and played the Kimberley Dynamiters to a tie after two overtime periods.

The Nitros are on top of the division at this early date with the Rockies and Creston Valley Thunder Cats tied for second.

The local team will hit the road for the next couple of weekends playing four of the five teams in the Neil Murdoch division. This weekend they face Grand Forks and the Spokane Braves and will be in Nelson and Castlegar on October 4 and 5.

It’s been a fun time at the Eddie with the addition of the Melody Motors and Walkers Repair Shoot to Win contest taking place during the second intermission. The object of the competition is to shoot the puck into the net through a very small opening. Each contestant takes their first shot from the blue line farthest away from the net and if they are successful they qualify for an opportunity to win a brand new Ford vehicle from Melody Motors. If not, they move up to the centre line for a second shot. The prize from there is lift passes for Panorama Mountain Village’s opening day. The third attempt is made from the near blue line for a package of Rockies’ home game tickets. In three home games, we have one qualifier for the vehicle and a winner of some game tickets. If you would like to take part — and who wouldn’t? — purchase your 50/50 tickets prior to the five minute mark of the second period.

Who should you look out for on the ice? Well, a couple of 20-year-old vets, Ryan Henderson and Josh Haley, are on top of the team point standings. But keep an eye on newcomer Doan Smith, the 18-year-old is only one point behind.

And let me clarify that Justin Kostiuk and Dustin Kostiuk are not related. It’s just one of those weird coincidences that a guy from Rutland and one from Strathmore with rhyming first names and the same last name ended up in Invermere.

There are still some lineup changes coming down the pipe as there generally are at this time of the season. I hope to see you at the next home game October 11th when the Dynamiters return.

Last but definitely not least, congratulations to Christine Vallee of Invermere on winning the Rockies Classic Car raffle. That Mustang will look good on her!

Marilyn Berry writes about the Columbia Valley Rockies every second week in The Echo, and can be reached at .