Editorial: November municipal election just around the corner

What we’d like to know is what questions do you, the Valley Echo readers, want candidates to answer?

Many readers are wondering when election campaign coverage will start. The election candidate cut off date is Friday, October 10th at 4 p.m. at which point all the names of those running for mayor, councillor and school board trustee positions in the November 15th civic election will be officially known.

This will leave five weeks to provide readers with some insight into the politics and platforms of all the candidates prior to stepping up to the ballot box.

The Pioneer will repeat its “Meet the Candidates” feature, which was very well-received during the last election season in 2011.

For the Valley Echo, our idea is to publish a different question for four consecutive weeks, along with the candidates’ answers, leading up to election day.

This will encourage a more in depth inquiry into where different candidates stand on different issues and what is driving them to run for office. The Valley Echo has become, in a sense, the local government newspaper, reporting on council and regional district meetings in detail, examining different government initiatives in the conceptual stage, and featuring the Columbia Valley directors (mayors for Radium, Invermere and Canal Flats as well as the Area F and G directors) in a weekly rotating column.

What we’d like to know is what questions do you, the Valley Echo readers, want candidates to answer?

If this challenge piques your interest, either send your question (or several, if you’re so inspired) by email to editor@invermerevalleyecho.com or drop by in person to our office at #8, 1008  8th Avenue in Invermere.

We’d like to know what you want to know, whether it’s regarding development, conservation, small business, downtown beautifcation, municipal spending or parking concerns.  The next four years (now that B.C. local government elections are on the same cycles as all other Canadian provinces) are important ones for valley residents. Help us help you to choose wisely, because your vote counts.