International Student Program growing again

International education has a long history in School District No. 6.

International education has a long history in School District No. 6. The Rocky Mountain International Student Program has just celebrated its 25th anniversary and according to Lori Sluth, homestay co-ordinator for the program at David Thompson Secondary School (DTSS), it’s truly a community effort.

“The program is school-based and its success owes a lot to the administrators, teachers, and other staff members at DTSS.  But an equally important key to our program’s longevity and attractiveness is our homestay program. We have such great host families; I can’t say enough about the amazing job they do welcoming these kids into their homes and our community,” Sluth said. “Without them, we would not have a program — it’s that simple.”

Sluth is currently seeking four more families for September. The program has grown in reputation and popularity and will host a record number of students for the 2012/13 school year. Sluth is hoping some new families will step forward and give hosting a try. Families have to be found for the remaining four students immediately or they may have to go elsewhere in the province.

According to Sluth, that would be a real shame.

“These kids quite literally have a world of choices when it comes to studying abroad.  They could go to Sydney, Australia or London, England — wherever they want, and they choose Invermere,” she said. “It’s a tribute to what an amazing community we have, what a great school DTSS is, and how prominent our program has become globally.”

Host families receive a tax-free monthly reimbursement of $625 to cover expenses. For more information, call 250-688-0790 or email