August 2009 — (l-r) Rick Dendy

August 2009 — (l-r) Rick Dendy

Remember When? (August 1)

A look back at what's happened in the valley over the last 50 years.

50 years ago: Invermere was abuzz after a local businessman confirmed that TV signals from the newly installed relay tower near Cranbrook were coming in loud and clear, meaning Invermere was that much closer to having television. The new tower was part of a CBC program to gradually extend TV service to as many Canadians as possible.

45 years ago: Spillimacheen held their centennial celebration with a day of sports and family activities. First, the Radium baseball team bested a team from Parson, before bingo and similar games kept people busy throughout the day until a free barbecue supper.

23 years ago: The Radium Hot Pools were potentially being forced to close after a case of vandalism. Sometime overnight someone had spray painted “Grad 89 — We Rule” across the back wall of one of the area’s biggest tourist attractions.

35 years ago: The Canadian Cross Country hang gliding record of 17 miles, set by John Duthie on Mt Swansea was broken by Bruce Robinson of Radium. Robinson launched his Eagle Cloud craft from Mt Swansea, travelling downward for almost a half an hour before hooking into a passing thermal. On route to Edgewater he ran into some turbulence, and was finally forced to land south of Brisco after two hours and 24.7 miles.

20 years ago: The public was asking to ponder the fate of the Pothole dumping site in Invermere. Nobody seemed to know for sure how long clean fill had been being dumped into the hole, but Invermere Mayor Ron Halverson felt that it was time to decide what was to be done with the hole.

10 years ago: The RCMP bike patrol was set to focus on safety and education in the coming season. All the detachment members were trained in bike patrol, and wanted to focus on educating kids on bike and road safety.

5 years ago: A lone female hiker scared off a cougar that was stalking her in Kootenay National Park. Upon noticing the cougar approaching her in a predatory fashion, when the cougar came within six feet of her the hiker swung her backpack in an attempt to scare it off.