Virginia Bruce has a unique outlook on the world that she’s always happy to share.

Profile: Free-spirited local reflects on life through rose-coloured glasses

Virginia Bruce from Invermere is vibrant enough to be her own colour.

Virginia Bruce from Invermere is vibrant enough to be her own colour.

“I’ve always been a flower child,” she said. “My whole life, I’ve always been the flower girl with the rose-coloured glasses.”

After growing up in Calgary and spending time in many communities throughout Western Canada, Virginia said the Columbia Valley is the only place she can call home. Her first taste of the valley came when she moved to Spillimacheen in the early 1970s, and later became involved in the communities of Fairmont Hot Springs and Panorama.

One of her favourite aspects of the valley is its focus on peaceful living. She thinks the outside world can’t get any worse than it is, which is why she avoids consuming mainstream news.

“My mission in life is to know flowers on a first name basis,” she said with a smile.

Virginia has a strong appreciation for the history of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which used to facilitate one of her favourite family traditions.

“I used to take my children on the train to the coast every spring break to see the cherry blossoms,” she said. “I’ve taught my children to love the train, and the history of the train, and how the West was settled.”

And wherever she goes, Virginia has always found success connecting with beautiful spirits.

“That is my success in life, and it’s not gender specific,” she said. “I’ve had 97.5 per cent success rate in finding gentle, beautiful, peaceful people.”

When asked about the key to her happiness, Virginia mysteriously replied: “I don’t want to give away my secrets.”

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