2007 — Radium Hot Springs resident Jo Campbell takes a tumble off a snowskate.

2007 — Radium Hot Springs resident Jo Campbell takes a tumble off a snowskate.

Remember When? (March 25, 2015)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 56 years

55    years ago (1960):

Invermere was awash in entertainment options with two hit movies coming to the Toby Theatre — The Ten Commandments staring Charles Heston and the Walt Disney animated feature Bambi.

50    years ago (1965):

The British Columbia Historical Society made plans to visit the valley, including a stop in Invermere to watch the opening ceremony of the then-new Windermere District Historical Museum.

40 years ago (1975):

Toby Theatre owners Ron and Elizabeth Peters made major improvements to their building, allowing it to host full-scale theatre productions. The couple added new drapes, a new ceiling, carpeting, a lighting system and a dressing room. The pair said they hoped the newly renovated theatre could be used for productions put on by local schoolkids.

35     years ago (1980):

The Edgewater Community Hall was temporarily closed after it was discovered that the roof was partly made of Styrofoam, creating an extreme potential fire hazard.

25       years ago (1990):

Windermere residents turned out in record number to vote down a proposal to turn the Coldstream campground into a massive $15 million residential development.

10     years ago (2005):

Panorama Mountain Resort played host to the Mountain Music barbecue fundraiser at the Elkhorn cabin. Musicians came from the valley, Banff and Calgary for the four-hour event, which raised money  for Invermere’s Family Resource Centre. The event was the brainchild of Elkhorn cabin owner Don Bilodeau.