Runners started off in a fog

Runners started off in a fog

Remember When? (August 13th, 2014)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 50 years

50 years ago (1964):

A forest fire which, which broke out some 20 miles up Horsethief Creek on August 7, was hard to control due to it starting in logging slash and running into steep rock bluff. Local Ranger, Lester Taft, said, “A lot of credit for rapid control of this fire is due to the effective action.”


45 years ago (1969):

“Whoopee Cowboy” wasn’t the cry at the Rodeo attraction at the Fairgrounds during David Thompson Days. The event featured the first All-Girl Rodeo to be featured in the valley.


40 years ago (1974):

Lowered clouds and spasmodic rain did not deter 25 members of the Naturalist Club who attended the Paradise Mine trek for which Webb Cummings of Invermere was leader. The group travelled by vehicle to Jack Pine, then up the mine road as far as it was passable.


30 years ago (1984):

Routine control of problem black bears was contracted out to private citizens on a trial basis in two pilot areas this summer and fall, Environment Minister Tony Brummet announced for the record.


20 years ago (1994):

“Soaring high above the ground may look easy but learning how to hang glide safely is important.” Jeff Blake, an Invermere resident and hang glider, said the basic rule of thumb when learning to hang glide is “low and slow.”


10 years ago (2004):

Invasive plant species became a constant problem in B.C. Also known as noxious weeds, the plants had taken over large areas of land all over the province. The weeds had become extremely difficult to control with no enemies.