Remember When? (August 21st)

A look back at the coolest happenings in the valley over the past 50 years

August 2008 — With temperatures creeping into the 30s

August 2008 — With temperatures creeping into the 30s


5 years ago (2008): About 120 people attended a

“victory celebration” at the Farnham Glacier after successfully blocking construction equipment on a road on the east side of the glacier. Ktunaxa Nation Council chair Chief Sophie Pierre demanded transparency from the province after the First Nation said it didn’t receive referrals regarding the development of a 250-metre platter lift on the Farnham Glacier.



10 years ago (2003): The search for a local man ended tragically on August 14th when his remains were found at the bottom of a steep

embankment near Radium Hot Springs. Peter Hanschke of Invermere was discovered after two days of searching by local RCMP members, Search and Rescue personnel and parks officials. His wife Bertha said Peter had been clinically depressed for many years, and had not taken any food or supplies on his outing. He is remembered as a dedicated community volunteer.



15 years ago (1998):

Responding to a growing population of cougars in the Kootenays, the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks lengthened the fall cougar hunting season and allowed hunters to fire from their snowmobiles.


20 years ago (1993): Four Alberta residents were killed on August 8th when their Cessna Cardinal aircraft crashed in Tegart Pass, above the Windermere Creek drainage. The crash occurred shortly after the plane took off from the Fairmont Hot Springs airport, and was en route to Red Deer. Transport Canada officials expected the investigation to take up to three months.


30 years ago (1983): Three hikers survived an encounter with an irate grizzly bear sow and her cub on the

Joffre Creek Trail. John,

Brenda and Helen Bavin faced the angry mother bear after their three dogs had disturbed the bear then ran back to their owners with the bear in hot pursuit. John Bavin stood his ground and yelled at the bear, while Brenda climbed a tree and Helen curled up on the ground under her backpack. Brenda suffered wounds to her thigh from the bear’s paw, and required 18 stitches to close the punctures. The

hikers concluded the confrontation was their own fault, and encouraged others to keep dogs on a leash and make lots of noise while hiking .



40 years ago (1973):

Eleven people were killed in one deadly week in various vehicle accidents in and at the boundaries of Kootenay National Park. The multi-car collisions took place near Vermillion River and near Storm Mountain. The

crashes occured as the results of vehicles crossing the centre line and failure to negotiate a curve on the highway.


45 years ago (1968): Three valley water skiers were off to compete in the National Water Ski Championship in Toronto in late August. Don Howie, Dara Wilder, and Bill Anderson reached the competition after years of practicing and performing on Lake Windermere. The three were instrumental in bringing the Alberta Water Skiing Championship to Lake Windermere during the 1967 Regatta.


50 years ago (1963): Six

valley girls competed for the title of Miss Windermere Valley in 1963-1964. Grade 11 David Thompson High School student Linda

Swindell, 16, of Windermere, was crowned the winner.