Remember When? (November 14)

A look back at what's happened in the Columbia Valley over the past 50 years.

November 2007 — Eighteen month-old Peyton Dow was one of the many excited onlookers at a Columbia Valley Bighorns football game at David Thompson Secondary School.

50 years ago: British Columbia recorded  the largest number of American tourists in history. All of the American tourists expressed their gratitude towards the friendly hospitality and courtesy of British Columbia residents. The head of the Province’s Office of Trade and Tourism in California expressed his people’s sentiments in a written letter to all British Columbians. These American tourists were impressed with their visits to the province and were willing to come back again for another visit.

35 years ago: Grade 7, 8 and 9 students in Invermere started to create their first-ever band program.  Fundraisers were held to help raise money for band uniforms, trips, and even scholarships. With the help of countless community performances, the band became popular. Thanks to the supportive parents and teachers who got things going, Invermere now has a fabulous student band whose music can put anyone in a dancing mood.

25 years ago: The Kinsmen Club of Windermere Valley held a Child Identification Program. With help from the RCMP, children from Radium, Canal Flats and Invermere made identification cards by putting their fingerprint on a piece of paper.  These cards were worthwhile making and made Invermere a safer place for all children.

10 years ago: Clubs were starting to form in town for teenagers who were beginning to get bored of Invermere because there was nothing to do in town. After a council meeting, it was agreed  the centre would be directed by the Board of Community Representatives. Now, the teens of Invermere are lucky to have the local Youth Centre  to go to after school to have fun with friends.

5 years ago: The Valley Echo reported on the Park Bridge that was just built in Golden. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Gordon Campbell came to Golden to celebrate it,  and sign a new federal-provincial Building Canada Plan. Big movements were happening in the province that made Canada a bigger and better place.

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