2008 — Kirby Brown responded to calls from spectators during the $250

2008 — Kirby Brown responded to calls from spectators during the $250

Remember When? (September 3rd, 2014)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the past 50 years

50 years ago (1964):

Schools were open, but due to an ongoing CUPE strike, parents wondered for how long. School trustees had applied for a mediation officer, but Andrew Stuart-Hill, School Board secretary, was doubtful schools would stay open for more than a day or two. Golden and Cranbrook boards had settled, but all other schools in the East Kootenay and Okanagan were being picketed, and not all schools had opened yet.


40 years ago (1974):

Despite rainy weather, the 53rd annual Fall Fair exhibition was well attended at the David Thompson Memorial Park. Miss Diane Shymko was crowned Miss Windermere Valley by the retiring queen, Miss Linda Swindell.


30 years ago (1984):

A blast, which removed 15 cubic metres of rock marked, the beginning of excavation of the 14.6-kilometre railway tunnel through Mount McDonald in CP Rail’s Rogers’ Pass project.


20 years ago (1994):

Invermere’s Andy Stuart-Hill was the Windermere Valley’s top medallist at the BC Seniors Games in Prince Rupert from August 31st to September 3rd, winning two gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze in swimming.


10 years ago (2004):

Lured by a clever ruse, Al Miller was stunned to walk in to a surprise 50th birthday party and fundraiser for the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce, for which 800 invitations were sent out. Al even picked up the sticks for an old drum set he used to play in the ‘80s, asking only $5 a request.