Rushing Water by Janice Edwards.

Rushing Water by Janice Edwards.

Pynelogs presents eighth show

The leaves are turning and people are preparing for the not-too-distant winter.

The leaves are turning and people are preparing for the not-too-distant winter, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t still happening down here at Pynelogs Cultural Centre.

We’re set to unveil our eighth featured artist showcase, which kicks off tonight, Wednesday, September 26 and will run until October 7. The show includes work from Elizabeth Stuart, Laila Jensen, Janice Edwards, Sandra Howard, Maureen Leitch and Sharon Routley.

Award-winning painter Maureen Leitch comes from a long line of artists and musicians, and has had a lifelong passion for artistic endeavours. She works in oil, acrylic, watercolour and encaustic, creating distinctly original works full of unique textures and values.

Windermere-based mixed media, oil and acrylic painter Sandra Howard uses her background in landscape design to help with the composition and design of her pieces, which focus on a diverse array of subjects from her many travels around globe.

Cranbrook’s Sharon Routley works primarily in oils, to create pieces that seem to come from another world. Her work often gives the audience a feeling like they are looking into Narnia, or a boldly coloured dreamscape. Her recent use of distressed frames creates the perfect compliment to her popular creative works.

Watermedia painter, Fernie’s Janice Edwards, considers herself a colourist. Her recent work has a definite semi-abstract style, inspired by the dramatic landscapes of Western Canada.

Since 2006, Invermere’s Laila Jensen has been rediscovering her creative side. The more she paints, the more she loves the creative space she finds herself in. Her work is inspired by landscapes, which give her the basis for her unique impressionistic and abstract expression of the world around her.

Elizabeth Stuart loves painting the mountain landscapes that she sees in and around her home in Invermere. Her work in acrylics is a

representational style that incorporates expressive colours and shapes from the natural world.

The show kicks off tonight with an artist opening

evening from 7 to 9 p.m. down here at Pynelogs complete with the artists themselves, as well as food and beverages.