Cindy Doire (l) and Andrea Ramollo (r) are the poetic

Cindy Doire (l) and Andrea Ramollo (r) are the poetic

Scarlett Jane’s soulful, sultry sound

Musical duo makes the most out of their shared talents and close friendship.

Scarlett Jane is a hard band to pin down. On one hand, their music can be hauntingly beautiful, rife with allusion and dark undertones. The next minute, it takes a decidedly purposeful tone, as the strains of their country folk background blaze forth in a cacophony of dulcet voices.

“Every show has its place, and that’s what’s great about what we do,” says Cindy Doire, one half of the expressive duo. “I feel like every gig has something to offer… playing in front of a very attentive crowd of 20 people is just as precious as playing the huge shows. We get to play in front of all these different crowds and in all these different situations, so sometimes we’re a rock band, and sometimes we’re an acoustic duo.”

The relatively new duo of Doire and fellow singer/songwriter Andrea Ramolo make their Invermere debut on Tuesday (May 29) at Bud’s Bar and Lounge. Ramolo is no stranger to Invermere, having performed here as a solo act a number of times, but this will mark the band’s first performance in Invermere together, as part of the launch tour for their debut album, Stranger.

The two artists first met in a small club in Ontario, while both were working on their solo acts.

They became quick friends and as the years went on, they began to feature each other on their solo albums and even co-write songs.

Ramolo says forming a band with her counterpart was a natural next step for them, and ever since they’ve received nothing but great feedback.

“We clicked instantly,” Ramolo said. “We shared a passion for music and poetry, and we liked to hang out, drink wine and write songs together… inevitably and organically, this band came about.”

The two had each toured Canada extensively as solo acts prior to forming Scarlett Jane, with Doire releasing her first two albums in French. Doire says this wealth of experience that they share truly makes them ready for whatever lies ahead, including their planned trip to Europe later in the fall to promote their new album.

“I feel like all the mistakes have already been made,” said Doire. “We both learned the dos and don’ts of performing the right way, which is the long way.”

According to Ramolo, touring and writing as a duo has actually made life easier for the both of them.

She says they can be more creative with their music and that, thanks to their friendship, it’s as if they truly write and sing with one voice.

“Our stories go through two sets of ears, two experiences and two hearts,” she said. “It’s like an extra filter, and the songs come out I think a little more refined and poignant.”

Ramolo says they have received great coverage in terms of radio play so far, and lists Stevie Nicks, Lucinda Williams, Dolly Parton and Neil Young among their influences. Their current tour, which began in April in Ontario, will see them criss-cross the nation before their final Canadian show in New Brunswick in late June.

“We want to bring our music to as many communities and listeners as possible,” said Ramolo. “I think that we’re at a place now where we can take this to the next level.”

Scarlett Jane performs at Bud’s Bar and Lounge on Tuesday (May 29). To listen to their music and find out about more tour dates, visit