Shane Philips to play Ray Ray’s Beach Pub, April 1

Shane Philips brings his exotic sound to Invermere and gets the people dancing.

Shane Philips brings his new album to the Columbia Valley.

Shane Philips brings his new album to the Columbia Valley.

Ray Ray’s Beach Pub is set to host a night of music as the west coast island rhythms of Shane Philip will be performing on April 1.

Philip is not restricted to any one single music genre. Along with his highly anticipated new release, Life.Love.Music., he brings his artistic wizardry, which features the exquisitely exotic sounds of the didgeridoo.

Philip typically wraps up the recording process in days rather than months and feels this adds to the intrinsic charm of what he creates.

In the past he has said, “To me, if you have something to say, just say it. You are capturing a moment, and I kind of like that whole way of thinking.”

Those taking in the show will be the first to be treated to fresh cuts from the new project release.

One thing he enjoys is when people at his show get up and dance. In previous visits to the area Philips said there is no shortage of dancers in the Columbia Valley.

“When people are moving, I can watch them,” he said. “They influence me to make certain sounds by the way they are moving. It’s like a dance we’re doing back and forth. There’s a bonding, a sharing of energy back and forth that words can’t explain.”

Being an outdoorsman has also taken the performer down the Toby Creek when not working.

For Shane Philip, staying open to all kinds of musical influences is an integral part of what he does and who he is. It’s tough to categorize his creations, but he happily wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We are shaped by everything we listen to, see and do. So much of what shapes the music, vibe, content, and overall feeling of the songs is unconscious. I write music that results from everything that goes on in the life I live.”

He went on to say that he feels very fortunate to be able to do something he loves for a living.

For more information about the show happening on April 1 call Ray Ray’s Beach Pub at 250-342-8346

Tickets are $10 and the show starts 9:30 p.m.


Darryl Crane is a reporter with the Valley Echo.