'Poppy' by Kathleen Turnbull.

'Poppy' by Kathleen Turnbull.

Too much artistic talent at Pynelogs

Back to school season is upon us, which means you only have three more opportunities to come down to Pynelogs Cultural Centre.

Back to school season is upon us, which means you only have three more opportunities to come down to Pynelogs Cultural Centre to bask in the inspirational glow of some of the Columbia Valley’s finest artistic talents.

Our seventh juried show is one you won’t want to miss either. Beginning on Tuesday, September 11, the show runs until Sunday (September 23) and will include work by Pam Williamson, Rita Rankin, Cat McDiarmid, Kathleen Turnbull, Nancy Sorensen and Jim McElroy.

Nancy Sorensen lives and paints in Edmonton and the Columbia Valley, specializing in the creation of breathtaking keepsakes of her clients’ favourite places with both oils and acrylics. Her body of work for this show will feature the Bugaboo valley, just north of Radium Hot Springs.

Calgary’s Kathleen Turnbull believes that growing up in the Northwest Territories allowed her to develop her love for visual art. Using primarily acrylics, Kathleen’s work manipulates line, colour, shape and other values as she demonstrates her own distinctive style.

Part-time Fairmont resident Rita Rankin has been developing her own brand of dry pastel painting since 2004. She works from photographs that she takes when a natural landscape or scene captivates her, and by adding the right amounts of colour she creates truly remarkable works of art.

Fairmont’s Cat McDiarmid has had a passion for drawing and painting since childhood. She pays special attention to the interplay of light and shadows and how they impact colour in her oil paintings, and has had a very successful summer as her work becomes more widely recognized and collected.

Pam Williamson moved to Parsons ten years ago, and has been steadily honing her one-of-a-kind mask-making skills ever since. The three-dimensional quality of her masks make them stand out, and by using natural materials and processes, her leather masks are a wonderful addition to any art or costumer collection.

Local photographer Jim McElroy recently reconnected with his love of image capturing and has a series of photographs that focus on the burn that occurred in Kootenay Park a few years ago. His main interest in this series is showing the harmony that does occur within the chaos of a forest fire’s aftermath.