Time and appreciation

Everything over the last month has been a reminder about this thing we call time.

Everything over the last month has been a reminder about this thing we call time.

What is time really? Some say it is a measurement, a label that reflects the daily and seasonal nature of earth, while others indicate it’s the duration of an event.

What is your definition of time? Really, write it down and you might be surprised with what you come up with. Think for a moment about your childhood years, teen years, your experience as a young adult, right through to the present day. How have your thoughts on time changed over the years?

I visited my 90-year-old parents last month. I know that, for them, their perception of time is different from mine. Their days often feel slow and long with many opportunities to experience joy and happiness, and many other opportunities to be sad, overwhelmed, frustrated and tired. They spend much of their time reflecting on time gone by.

Over cups of tea, they often rekindle memories of past events and people. They don’t think of time on a clock or calendar anymore. They reminisce about special occasions, travel, raising a family, old neighborhoods and their own parents.

Time for them is an expression of appreciation for what was and what is.

What I hear most from them is that they wish they had appreciated all the time and years more while it was happening. Since returning home, these words of wisdom have stuck with me. For me, time does feel to go more quickly as I age.

Have you noticed this too? What would shift if we focused less on the clock and more on the people, places, spaces and events in our lives with a renewed sense of appreciation?

We never know how much time we have, so today is the perfect day to find something or someone to appreciate even more.

This week, really be in the practice of appreciating all aspects of your life. Find more of the good in yourself, others and the world around you. Growing your sense of appreciation will not only make today that much better, but it can also enrich your memories when you look back over time.

Elizabeth Shopland is a personal growth and development coach, a certified horticulturist, and the co-owner of Shopland Grow & Bloom. She can be reached at eshopland@telus.net and 250-342-112