Elizabeth Shopland

Grow Your Greatness: Growing your green habits

2016 is shaping up to be a magnificent year!I welcome the new year in by cleaning, sorting, ditching, pitching and recycling.

Grow Your Greatness: Reflection and renewal: preparing for 2016

we nurtured Seeds, which included courage, possibility, health, time, appreciation, calmness, releasing, giving and receiving.

Greatness seeds: giving and receiving

In light of recent world events, I find myself compassionately focused upon them,

Time and appreciation

Everything over the last month has been a reminder about this thing we call time.

Grow your Greatness: Don’t resist change

can’t help but notice how abundantly big everything is this year.

Grow your greatness series: Persistence

This is the season, to nurture more persistence in your life.

Grow your Life: Have faith in a better world

With an early spring this year in the valley, a sense of urgency to get back outside and start tending to the gardens.

Growing Your Greatness: Sowing your seeds of greatness

How is your winter garden growing? Have you been tending to it, watching it bloom and grow?

A pinch of patience

Are you on a mission to “get it all done”? Are there forces of nature that work against us as we attempt to conquer our lists?

Own it!

Regardless of circumstances, nature follows through one way or another.

Grow Your Life: Making our lives happen in the most effective way

In a Google search, “to make” brings up 7,580,000,000 results. We are makers.

Grow Your Life: Zucchini inspired ideas from the back garden

We as humans are seeds of hope. We are full of incredible potential. We depend on each other to bloom and grow.

Grow Your Life: 50 is the new 35

Perspective is everything and there was no better way to celebrate my day

Grow Your Life: Past, present and future

I know I cannot change any elements of the past events and experiences, and I get to choose how I react or respond to my memories

Grow Your Life: A sense of community

As nature begins to unfold into another season, so do we, as a community.

Grow Your Life: Feedback – compost or flowers?

When we receive feedback, we can enhance our own self-awareness and potential for personal growth.

Grow Your Life: More time and space for you

It’s always amazing to see people who are creating changes in their lives, and I believe we all benefit by way of the ripple effect.

Grow Your Life: Unexpected gifts of love

This past weekend, I enjoyed catching up on household duties, paperwork and spending time with my friends, family and pets.

Grow Your Life: The answers are blowin’ in the wind

In our valley, we often experience significant winds, and this week was no different.

Change: onward and upward

In our gardens and landscapes, we witness how plants grow and change year after year