Invermere seniors targeted in jailed grandkids scam

The caller is smart on getting the grandparent to actually identify the caller by saying, “do you not recognize your grandson’s voice?”

Movember update

I advised the detachment members that when we reach the $1,000 mark the moustache of 30-some years would come off.

Cst. Tim Harper, who has the detachment registered online to raise money for further research in prostate cancer at,   advises me to date we have raised over $1,100.

So the moustache is off and will remain off for the remainder of the month.

We would like to thank all those that have contributed to this cause and with still two weeks to go we certainly hope further funds can be raised. You can do this online.

The girls at the office tell me I look 20 years younger and 30 pounds lighter. Very uncomfortable and insecure without it.

Scam alert

• Columbia Valley detachment received further information from the public of a continuing and popular fraud that targets our grandparents.

The call will usually come from a young person claiming to be a grandchild.

The caller is smart on getting the grandparent to actually identify the caller by saying, “do you not recognize your grandson’s voice?”

The victim in many cases will respond with a name and the caller will confirm this.

The caller in most instances will claim they are a fair distance away, got mixed up with the wrong crowd and they are now sitting in jail. They need bail money transferred right away so they can get out of jail and back home.

The caller at times says that they cannot tell the parents as they will get into further trouble.

In the recent incident the person called did not fall for the fraud. Unfortunately, many seniors have fallen for this. Be alert to this fraud.

• People in the community continue to get letters that they have been identified as heirs to a vast fortune, just need your bank account number to transfer some money.

November 12

• Columbia Valley detachment members responded to a disturbance in front of a bar in town.

A highly intoxicated male became combative and made threats towards the police. The 34 year-old male from Invermere was arrested and lodged in cells for the night. The male was released when sober with a violation ticket for being drunk in public.

• Columbia Valley Detachment responded to a complaint of a break and entry to a shed in the 1800 block of Tretheway Road. The owners were not home at the time and it is unknown if any items were stolen.

November 13

• Police responded to a disturbance at the Hill Crest apartments in Invermere.  An intoxicated male was located in the area arguing with another family member. The police were advised that another family member would take care of the male. As the male was co-operating it was agreed to drive the male to the residence to sleep it off.

Meet Marko

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