Jumbo finances questioned

Jim Galloway sought to find the devil in the details when asking about procedural matters used to govern the one-month-old community

The new council of the Jumbo Glacier mountain resort municipality faced its first questions from a concerned citizen during the resort’s second-ever council meeting on on Tuesday, March 19th.

Jim Galloway, an outspoken critic of the proposed ski resort development, sought to find the devil in the details when asking about procedural matters used to govern the one-month-old community, slated to be built 55 kilometres southwest of Invermere.

Asked whether the proponent, Jumbo Glacier Resort Ltd., can be asked to prove its financial capability to develop the resort, Coun. Steve Ostrander noted the concept of “proof” of capital is a difficult one to establish, and referred Mr. Galloway to inquire with Jumbo Glacier Resort’s senior vice-president Grant Costello, who also attended the meeting.

Mayor Deck agreed with Mr. Galloway’s request that the municipality create a website, and proposed it should also contain public documents such as the letters patent that established the municipality and the Master Development Agreement that outlines how the resort will be developed.

Speaking with The Echo, Mr. Costello noted he has been pursuing a construction road permit with the province for eight months, in the hopes of establishing a rural collector road with a similar width and surface condition as the Westside Road north of Wilmer.

The existing gravel road would be extended by two kilometres, and would allow for construction access in the Jumbo area to begin work. In 2013, the municipality projects revenues of $260,000, comprised of a $200,000 provincial grant, an expected $37,500 from non-government transfers, a projected $21,300 from fees, permits, licences and fines, and expected credit union account interest of $1,200.

Summer snow-cat operations aimed at competitive ski racers are set to begin on Farnham Glacier July 1st, in what’s being promoted as the first operational facet of Jumbo Glacier Resort within the 6,000 hectares that comprise the mountain resort municipality. The operation won’t involve any buildings or structures actually being placed within the Jumbo Valley, reports The Tyee.