Panorama investing $6 million in housing, snow-making machines

Snowmaking machines will allow Panorama to better maintain snow consistency and provide longer seasons

With $400,000 set aside to expand snowmaking capabilities, Panorama is looking to provide an area for beginner skiers and boarders that will provide an improved early season experience.

New snowmaking machines will allow Panorama Mountain Village to better maintain snow consistency and provide more early and late season terrain for skiers and boarders, explained Panorama spokesperson Jamie Hurschler.

The equipment is expected to be in place for the start of the 2013-14 ski season, and will likely mitigate challenging early season conditions that occasionally affects the mountain, as eastbound weather systems are deflected away from the ski area after running into high peaks in the Purcell Mountains.

A new multi-million dollar accommodation building in the village core is also set to rise from the ashes of the 1,000 Peaks Lodge, which was scorched, then soaked, beyond repair from a top-floor blaze on Wednesday, February 27th.

Single family accommodation is also set to expand, as the new 21-lot Trappers Ridge subdivision has been given the green light.  The new development near the village will offer ski in and ski out accomodation. To learn more, visit