RCMP Report (August 22)

Police files from the Columbia Valley RCMP detachment.

Back Country Patrols: Columbia Valley detachment member attended with Park Wardens on a four-day patrol. Constable Harper, an active outdoors person who enjoys exploring the backcountry, took advantage of using up summer seasonal patrols and accompanied the Park Warden in Kootenay National Park to check on issues surrounding the Federal Contravention Act. This Act is seldom used by the police but very much used by the Park Wardens. Seven violation tickets were issued for camping without a permit. A number of backcountry people were checked and all appreciated the fact the warden and police were present in the backcountry.

Boat patrol: The police boat was on the water this weekend. A number of boats were checked for compliance. A group of youths were checked and warned regarding fishing licences.

August 9

Columbia Valley detachment members were advised of a window that was damaged at the Fairmont Gas Plus business overnight. The window was not broken and entry was not gained into the store. Video is being reviewed by staff to determine if anything of evidence can be seen.

At 4:30 p.m., two motorcycles and their drivers fell victim to one deer in the area of Highway 93/95 near Windermere Loop Road.

One male from Edmonton, age 52, operating a 2007 Suzuki, hit a deer and laid down his bike. A second motorcycle operator, age 51, also from Edmonton and operating a ’92 Yamaha, made contact with the deer and also went down. No severe injuries sustained.

Four youths were reported to be in a garage in the Athalmer area. The owner, not realizing what the youths were up to, contacted the police stating the youths were presently with the owner and would wait for police arrival. It was determined from speaking to the youths that they were admiring an older car in the garage and went in for a closer look. The youths were co-operative throughout their dealing with the police. All were advised that the best course of action was to speak to the owners first.

August 10

The Columbia Valley detachment received a report of stolen home-built utility trailer from the 4800 block of Timber Ridge Road. The trailer is described as an ’88, homemade and white in colour. The theft would have happened between July 31 and August 3.

August 11

The Columbia Valley detachment received a report of theft of two quads and an Alumina trailer from the 1300 block of Industrial Road #3. The quads stolen are reported to be a 2009 Polaris Razor and 2005 Kodiac 450.

The Detachment has received a number of complaints of thefts of quads in the area.  Anyone with information is requested to contact the detachment or Crime Stoppers.

August 12

At 2:50 p.m., two kayaks were reported stolen from a buoy near 1300 block Stoddart in Windermere. One kayak is yellow and white in colour, and the second one is blue.

At 9:50 p.m., the Columbia Valley detachment members were called to a disturbance at a residence on Pinetree Road in Invermere. A 23-year-old male a member of the residence visiting from Calgary was found to be highly intoxicated and causing a disturbance to the point where the police were called to prevent things from escalating. Unfortunately, the behaviour of the male confronting the police resulted in an arrest. The male has been charged with obstruction and will appear in Invermere Provincial court in November.