RDEK Briefs: RDEK deals with Upper Columbia Valley items

Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) board of directors meeting touched on several items of interest to the Upper Columbia Valley.

The most recent Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) board of directors meeting touched on several items of interest to the Upper Columbia Valley.

RDEK Area F director Wendy Booth was re-elected as vice-chair of the board, for a third term,  at the Friday, December 12th meeting. Current chair Rob Gay was also re-elected, for a fourth term. The chair and vice-chair positions have one-year terms. “I’m looking forward to continuing working with Chair Gay, in the role of vice chair, I think we make a good team. It is a job that I take seriously and enjoy. We had a 40 per cent turn over on our board, I’m looking forward to working with both the veteran and new members,” said Booth.

Gay and chief administrative officer Lee-Ann Crane have signed a five-year agreement with the Shuswap Indian Band through which the band will make a financial contribution for RDEK services available in the Upper Columbia Valley, such as regional parks, solid waste, libraries, landfill, dog control, cemeteries, emergency management, 9-1-1, grants in aid, Columbia Valley transit, the Columbia Valley recreation service area and invasive plants control. “Essentially, the agreement was a means for the Shuswap to contribute to these services,” said RDEK chief financial officer Shawn Tomlin.

A letter of appreciation will be sent from the RDEK to the Windermere Bottle Depot Group to thank the group for donating $2,900 to buy two new concrete picnic tables for Windermere Beach, and another one will be sent from the RDEK to Copper Point Golf Course for the golf course’s in-kind donations and assistance at the Crossroads Ballpark.

“Copper Point has been a tremendous help with that ballpark, they’ve been great neighbours,” said RDEK environmental services manager Kevin Paterson. “We’re also grateful to the bottle depot group. The (Windermere) beach continues to get a lot of use in the summer, so there was a need for more tables.”

During the meeting the RDEK board of directors voted to approve discretionary grant-in-aid money for Invermere’s Family Resource Centre’s contraceptive subsidization proposal ($1,000 from RDEK Area F and $500 from Area G); for the Panorama Mountain Freeride Club to help buy a laptop and race equipment for the Kootenay Freestyle Classic ($4,000 from Area F and $500 from Area G); for the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce for renovations to create a business service centre ($3,000 from Area F and $500 from Area G); and for SQx Danza to cover expenses for its interactive dance awareness program ($500 from Area G).

“This month’s discretionary grant-in-aids highlight the wide diversity of organizations and their initiatives contributing to the quality of life in the valley,” said Area G director Gerry Wilkie.

“Anytime we can support nonprofit groups in helping them achieve their goals that’s a good thing. These groups are often managed by volunteers and any amount of funds goes a long way,” said Booth.

There will be a public hearing in Edgewater on Monday, January 5th  on a proposed zoning bylaw that would permit commercial trucks to park on a portion of the Lautrup property on Highway 95.

An agreement  until December 2016 for the Columbia Valley RDEK emergency program has been signed by Columbia Valley emergency program co-ordinator Gary Burford and deputy co-ordinator Sharon Pasowisty.