Social media campaign for adoption

More than 1,000 kids in B.C. waiting for 'forever family'

The provincial Ministry of Children and Family Development has been running a social media campaign to help the 1,000 kids waiting for adoption in B.C. find their ‘forever families’

Stay tuned to the Valley Echo for a local look at the adoption situation here.

In the meantime, here’s a look at the results of the program in the Lower Mainland, courtesy of the ministry”


CHILLIWACK – With the New Year come resolutions and best wishes for the 12

months that lie ahead. But for one Lower Mainland family, the New Year is

about reflecting on a major milestone – the first family Christmas for

their newly adopted 13-year-old daughter Kate and 16-year-old son Ryan.


“Our Christmas was really nice, chill and really busy,” said mother Cindy

Locke with a laugh, whom along with her husband Steve filled stockings

for not only Kate and Ryan, but also their biological children Jessica (8)

and Andrew (13), and Jordan (16), who they adopted in 2010.


For Kate and Ryan, this is the second Christmas they’ve spent at the Locke

house, however since the adoption just finalized in the spring it

represents the first of many taking place in their forever home.


“Having gone through the adoption process, we’ve had time to get to know

them well”, said Cindy. “You pick up on your kids and I could tell that

they were way more relaxed this year. In fact I heard them say this was

the best Christmas ever!”


With five children at the Locke house, the holidays certainly are a busy

time – not to mention Christmas morning being a flurry of activity.

According to Cindy, one of the challenges of having such a full house at

Christmas is “trying to watch everyone open up their presents from under

the tree and making sure that each kid waits for their turn”.


At the same time the greater numbers ensures that throughout the day

“everyone is doing something together” creating a warm holiday atmosphere.


When the holidays are best spent with loved ones and family, some would

say that providing a forever home maybe the best Christmas present you

could give. “It was nice to see them recognize their name under the tree

and maybe realize that they have a home for Christmas and they always