A big winter is on the way

It's Halloween day as I write this… I'm dressed up as a witch, flicking grey hair off my face and a cape out from underneath me.

It’s Halloween day as I write this… I’m dressed up as a witch, flicking grey hair off my face and a cape out from underneath me. I love the idea of dressing up. It was fun this morning going through my box of dress up clothes looking for my hat with wig attached. My niece was behind me, saying, “What is this?” and I could feel the exclaimation mark on the simple question as she held up a number of items. Then she appeared to be in wonder that I didn’t have a pair of devil ears for her, I seem to have everything else. The bunny and reindeer ears didn’t do it for her. Hmmm, perhaps it’s a good time to go shopping for something devilish!

The end of October is the introduction of winter. For those of us in the valley; it’s entirely possible that it will snow on Halloween night and Jack Frost has generally made himself at home for a night or few. We play dress up for a night, then are ready to remember those who have sacrificed so much for their fellow humans in wars fought on far-off lands. Then there are but a few short weeks until the Christmas season is celebrated. The lead up to the celebration has begun already, however.

Plans are being made now for one of the best Lightup Nights downtown Invermere has ever seen. Businesses are invited to decorate their storefronts/windows and entries into the Santa Claus parade are encouraged.

In between we are asked as a community to pick the teams that will lead us for the next three years. I strongly urge all those who are eligible to take the time to become informed in order to cast an educated ballot. There are all candidates meetings in both Invermere and Radium over the next couple of weeks. Find out what each individual stands for and what direction they see the community going; then vote accordingly on November 19.

While we’re thinking about voting, have you completed our survey yet? There’s still time to fill it out and have an opportunity to win that big television! You’ll find the link on page B12 of this issue.

Marilyn Berry is publisher of The Valley Echo.