Nicole Trigg

Editorial: Gain some perpsective and space out

The outer-space that we're all missing out on and needs to be reported on more.

Editorial: Progressive Agendas, pipeline realities

For Mr. Trudeau and the Liberal Party, there is going to be a number of legal challenges to the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Editorial: Leitch trying to surf the Trump wave

Conservative Party leader hopeful Kellie Leitch is hoping to ride the coat tails of Donald Trump's tactics to Prime Minister.

Editorial: The U.S election, sleezy redefined

From a racist politician to a candidate mired in an email scandal, this American election has turned sour in the worst way imaginable.

Editorial: Affordable housing, a top priority

Affordable housing is a growing concern across the country but it's also evident here in the Columbia Valley.

Editorial: Volunteer firefighters, our local superheroes

The Columbia Valley volunteer firefighters deserve every bit of recognition they get for putting their lives on the line.

Editorial: Fall is back in the blink of an eye

It's hard to believe, but summer is now gone and fall is right on our doorstep.

Editorial: Valley is perfect for neighbourhood golf carts

The government is proposing golf carts in small communities. It only makes sense for this to come to the Columbia Valley.

Editorial: Saving journalism, the search for the Holy Grail

At a time of constant cuts to Canada's media organizations, what is the best avenue to saving the 5th estate.

Editorial: Advice for Rio Olympics bandwagoners

With the Olympics days old, there are a number of ways people can get into the five-ring excitement.

Time to take Trump seriously?

The likelihood of “The Donald” taking office down south is a reality that is beginning to be openly talked about.

Editorial: Branding: a new beginning

The Columbia Valley recently announced a new brand to which it's received mixed reviews.

Editorial: Chickening out of local food production

The RDEK board of directors opted not to support backyard chickens for residents with parcels of land less than one acre in Areas F and G.

Editorial: Growing the world’s wetlands awareness

It's becoming rapidly more important to increase the education around the importance of the wetlands, especially in the Columbia Valley.

Editorial: Show support for the inspection station

More respect and support needs to be shown for the inspection station in the Columbia Valley area.


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Editorial: Spread the message, not the mussel

Editorials are the consensus view of the Invermere Valley Echo’s editorial board, comprising of Nicole Trigg and Dean Midyette.

Editorial: Federal budget is a big gamble

Their promise to reverse the decade-long austerity measures of the Conservative government is what pushed the Liberals to the front

Editoral: New president has his work cut out for him

union’s case against the government not being heard by the Supreme Court of Canada until November

Editorial: Declining ungulate populations need new approach

Declining moose numbers have spurred the B.C. government into action