Much to do April

Marilyn Berry's "Ramble On" column for the week of April 6.

April showers bring May flowers… so the saying goes. I rather doubt those wonderful snow showers, and I use the word showers loosely, we had on the weekend had much to do with flowers.

I thought about the golf courses that were open or planning to open on the weekend as I was driving to Cranbrook in the midst of a raging snowstorm. I drove by Winderberry Nursery and thought, how could Mother Nature be so cruel on their opening day of the season?

April is also well known as Cancer Awareness Month. This is the month the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) conducts their Daffodil Campaign and their door-to-door canvas. I love the smell of daffodils and they add such a brightness to both home and office. Of course, you can now wear your daffodil all month since the CCS have daffodil pins available to purchase.

The kickoff for the local Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life is coming up on April 14 at 6:30 p.m. at Copper Point Golf Course. This is an important event for all those considering participating the the Relay as well as for those that just want to provide some support. There are some wonderful items available at the auction as well as some important information about the CCS and Relay for Life.

Among other things that April is noted for is Volunteer Week. This week is celebrated this year from April 10 to 16, please watch for a salute to our local volunteers in next week’s issue of The Echo.

Did you also know that Administration Professionals Week, National Mining Week and National Law Day also fall in April? It’s also Dental Health Month and of course, Earth Day falls on Good Friday this year.

I hope you’ll all take a little time on April 23 to take part in Valley Pride. I know, it’s a long weekend and you’ve got other things to do but if everyone gave just a little bit of time, it would make such a difference. The cleanup crews really need some help so hopefully you can take an assignment at Pothole Park and pitch in.

Yes, I know there is an election going on… I’m just not ready to ramble there.