On a Personal Note: Bike Rodeo

Columbia Valley RCMP Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac shares his stories of policing and life.

I had the pleasure of doing a bike rodeo for the kids at Eileen Madson Elementary School. I laid out the bike course to make it as challenging as possible in order to have a good look at the kids’ ability to control their bikes. We also practiced our hand signals. I, however, also had to play with their minds. Nearing the last class before they started the obstacle course, I mentioned to the children that the course was challenging and so far only three kids had to be taken to the hospital. I could see that one of the girls’ reaction went from all smiles to all gloom. After my talk, I took questions and the one that went gloom on me raised her hand. She asked if I was serious that three kids went to the hospital. You would think that my parental, loving and kind instincts would kick in, but I guess now that my son is all grown up and no longer home, these instincts seem to be lacking and I informed the child it was true. As she was going through the most difficult obstacle, I informed her to be careful as this was the obstacle that sent the three to the hospital. She made it. I also informed the kids that part of the obstacle was to cross the crosswalk near the school ensuring that they walk the bike across the road. As I stood nearby and the kids approached the crosswalk, I would tell some of the kids that we were behind schedule and to go ahead and ride the bike across rather than walk it across. As they were about to fall for my trick, I grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and advised them that even adults don’t know it all. I tried that on some other kids and got the response, “don’t think so.”  To those kids, I admonished them with, “I’m a policeman, you don’t listen to the police?”  My thanks to all the staff, parent volunteers and the Grade 7 leadership class for helping out with the rodeo. Also thanks to Columbia Cycle and Bike Works for inspecting the bikes.