Own it!

Regardless of circumstances, nature follows through one way or another.

It was an absolutely beautiful fall day. I paused from the duty of fall clean-up and allowed my eyes to wander out over the water and drift across to see the yellow and green highlighted mountains. Can it be that summer is now past and we move into fall? On nature’s breath, we start to feel the cooler, shorter days and our plant friends begin to bid their farewells. It’s funny, I always find this time of year calming, peaceful and reflective.

Did I do everything I wanted to do this summer? Based on outcomes, the answer would be no. Did I take time to relax, play, take photos, read a good book and nap?  Again, based on the outcome, the answer is no. I could, of course, point my finger to all the circumstances that appeared to rob me of my summer enjoyment. After all, I did have a full gardening schedule and I did take on some extra work. The weather was extremely hot and there always seems to be so much to do around the cottage. It’s so easy isn’t it, to blame our circumstances for our experiences? What did you want to do more of this summer? Was it to have more time with your children or grandchildren, more time on the golf course or enjoying nature, more time for sports, more time in the garden, on the lake or perhaps more time with family and friends?

Regardless of what we want, we live in a time when our days are filled with circumstances and ultimately, we get to stand in the middle of it and own it.

I would suggest that we get to create our own experiences and we are responsible for what we create. Nature abides by this as well.

Regardless of circumstances, nature follows through one way or another.  As I watched a lone boat speed down the lake, I knew that I am responsible for my results and I’m owning it – how about you?

Elizabeth Shopland is a horticulturist for Homefront Essentials Gardening, a Certified Solution Focused Coach, author and speaker, and the owner of Banyan Tree Solutions. She can be reached at 250-342-8978 or btswellness.com.