Ramble On: A Driving Concern

The Valley Echo publisher Marilyn Berry rambles on about her perspective on valley life.

It’s summertime… and the living is easy… isn’t that how the old song goes? Something like that anyway. Well, it’s not really summer yet but a sure sign that it’s approaching is the number of construction projects that have shown up. Some of them, like the helipad at the hospital, aren’t seen by everyone nor do they affect traffic flow.

The street improvements alongside Pot Hole Park, though, are a whole other story. They slow you down! There is no question about that; however, there is a problem when some drivers fail to slow to a speed that creates a safe environment for all the workers at the construction site. This applies to all roadway construction on all highways and byways.

I understand it can be upsetting to see construction signs along the side of the road warning of an impending order to stop and nothing ever materializes. I share the frustration of all when that happens. But when there are construction crews on the roads, please, please slow down — their lives depend on it! And as far as the slowing down around Pot Hole park is concerned, don’t sweat it. You won’t be as late as you will be in a month or so when the traffic picks up.

I’ve been walking my dog much more frequently now that the temperature has climbed somewhat. It’s amazing how much more you see when you walk around the neighbourhood instead of driving. More deer, for instance, and I won’t comment on how that makes me feel. It’s too controversial of a subject. There are also many interesting yards and gardens. I moved to more or less the downtown core of Invermere last fall so am still investigating many of the byways.

You’ll meet our new editor Nicole Trigg elsewhere in these pages. I know she will help me learn more about this wonderful community we share just as previous newcomers have. Most of the experiences are enjoyed vicariously at this stage of my life but enjoyed nonetheless. I so enjoy it when new people come into my life and introduce me to their interests.