Ring of Fire concerns

A letter to the editor regarding the recent string of earthquakes in the Ring of Fire.

Dear Editor,

It might have started in Iceland with the erupting volcano that affected air travel to and from Europe, then the earthquake in Haiti followed by the earthquake(s) in Christchurch, NZ, followed by China’s recent quake with hundreds dead and homeless, and now Japan’s 8.9 R quake and the resultant further affected.

The tectonic plates are shifting in relation to the movements in the earth’s crust.

Apparently, Japan physically shifted 2.9 metres according to the experts.  How do they measure things like that by the way?

Following the “Ring of Fire “ phraseology, Alaska will be next I have to believe, as it is the next “vulnerable” area after Japan and still within the counter clockwise rotation of quakes around the Pacific basin.

Could we be seeing a major quake or eruption in Alaska in the next six months?  I believe so.

Followed with California being affected in another nine – 12 months from today.  Any thing is possible as we know.

Should we in the Columbia Valley be concerned?

I don’t believe so, short of how China and Japan’s problems might relate to us through our stock portfolios and or how fast Canfor reopens the Radium mill to help Japan and China rebuild.

David R Pacey