Settled science

A letter to the editor regarding "settled science".

Dear Editor,

As a hobby I study climate science. I enjoy reading information about it.  Here are some things I have learned:

In order to get an environmental  desktop grant in the past, one had to use the words ‘global warming’  then ‘ climate change’, but now be sure to say ‘climate disruption’.

The sun has nothing to do with climate disruption or global warming.

As global warming increases it snows more and gets colder.

Co2 used to be an odorless, inert gas making up only .oo6 per cent of the atmosphere and helped grow plants. Now,  it’s called Carbon and is a pollutant  measured in tons.

Thermometers measure temperature, computer models tell us how warm it is.

Light bulbs no longer give light and are toxic with mercury. This helps with climate disruption and should be studied.

The BC Carbon Tax helps us drive to work less in rural areas.

The Carbon Tax will go up in July so we can drive to work even less than before.

Human activity is bad and we should feel guilty about most things we do.

American environmentalist groups know about what is best for our area, that is why they fund Wildsight. ‘Settled science’ used to be an oxymoron. Now it’s… well, settled.

Yours truly,

Monroe Hunsicker