Join the national support for sport

An opportunity for all Canadians to celebrate the power of sport is taking place nationally on Friday (September 28).

National Sports Day may not be a national celebration that many folks are in the habit of observing since it’s only in its third year, but groups and individuals across the country are working to change that.

Sponsored by Sport Canada, and with a first time provincial partnership with B.C.’s Ministry of Health, the third annual celebration of sport is bigger than ever.

On September 29, Sports Day in Canada will be an opportunity for all Canadians to celebrate the power of sport — to build community, fortify our national spirit and facilitate healthy, active living.

In the week leading up to, and including, September 29, over a thousand local organizations, communities and schools across Canada will be celebrating sport at the local level.

Locally in the valley, Eileen Madson Primary School on 15th Avenue in Invermere will be hosting a sports day called “Just Try It” on Friday (September 28) from 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., which happens the day after the school’s Terry Fox Run on Thursday (September 27) at 11:15 a.m. “Just Try It” will be a sport station event in which all students will have the opportunity to try out a variety of sports offered by local leaders, experts and volunteers.

The “Just Try It” event will coincide with National Jersey Day — also on Friday. All Canadians are encouraged to show their love and support for sport by wearing a sport jersey, team or club uniform to school, work or play. The vision is for a sea of Canadians to wear their support for sport in offices, classrooms, workplaces, public spaces, etc. across the nation. Last year in 2011, 1,300 organizations and nearly one million Canadians got in the game and took part. This year the hope is for more people than ever before to get involved.

The national day of sport celebration will be marked by a CBC Sports television event that will profile standout community events from across Canada that embody the Sports Day experience, unified by award-winning national sports anchor, Scott Russell. The broadcast will include local community stories, live hits from local events, interviews with key personalities and engaging discussions.For more information about Sports Day in Canada, please visit

Remember to wear your jersey on Jersey Day this Friday!